About Us

We work closely with our customers to advance their roles in their markets

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Our product & service range covers almost every nook and cranny of industrial market and beyond. Today we have created our presence in Automobile, Aviation, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Information Systems, Defence, Machine Tool, Aerospace, Robotics, Factory Automation, Infrastructure, Scientific Institution, Green Energy and Industrial Application.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, along with our head start advantage through the vision of our founders, we have acquired vast experience in robotic technologies which has enabled us to developed made-to-measure advanced solutions to businesses seeking to reinvent themselves or to get ahead in the industry.

With a team of passionate and self-driven employees, and a respectful culture at work, we envision an ever-evolving future together with infinite innovations and technological solutions to the industries in Asia. Here at SFAS, we innovate uniquely and ceaselessly to meet each business’s unique and ever evolving demands.