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Masters in Robot Vision with Revolutionary User Interface and Priority in Safety

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Built-in vision system

TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly, whereas traditional add-on vision solutions to robotics are complicated, time consuming and costly to implement.

Masters in robot vision

Many standard robot vision functions are already built into our system: pattern matching, object localisation, image enhancement, bar code reading, colour recognition, etc. All these functions have been integrated into our remarkably easy-to-use user interface.


Revolutionary user interface. Easy to deploy

You can implement your automation task with our revolutionary intuitive user interface, an all-graphic flow chart based HMI. TM Robot equipped with well designed hand-guiding functions with servo assist. You can lock selected axes to allow adjustment in defined planes and then fine tune the co-ordinates with easy editing of those co-ordinates within the programming package. TM Robot is so simple to program and very easily deployed into different applications, remarkably reducing your time-to-production and saving your total cost in automation.


Safety is our priority

TM Robot complies with ISO 10218-1-2011 & ISO/TS 15066-2016 human-robot co-operation safety requirements for collaborative robots, allowing the robot to be programmed with both speed and force limits. TM Robot is serious about safety in every aspect of the design of the whole robot system, through hardware, software and operational design.



The first choice for flexible automation applications

The TM5 collaborative robot features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications. Having vision identification functionality completely integrated within the collaborative robot platform, provides an easy and intuitive way to achieve robot calibration to work piece or tooling, product selection, 1D or 2D barcodes and a host of other vision applications, delivering a true Industry 4.0 solution.

Reach: 700mm, 900mm
Payload: 6kg, 4kg
Industrial application: 3C industry, Automobile industry, Food industry, Other



Class leading payload and reach

The TM12 & TM14 offer class leading payload and reach capabilities. The TM12 offers 12kg payload and a 1300mm reach and the TM14 offers a 14kg payload and 1100mm reach. Like the TM5 the new increased specification robots are easy to deploy, are highly flexible, are maintenance free and provide a high performance automation solution for manufacturing.

Built in vision system

TM Robot comes with built in vision hardware and integrated vision software with human machine interface. Functions such as shape matching, barcode & QR code reading, colour recognition, OCR etc are all easily configured from the integral robot design toolbox.


Logistics. Handling. De-Burring. Polishing. Semiconductor Transportation. Palletising.

TM12M/TM14M Mobile version series

The TM-M Series offers solutions for AGV and mobile vehicle integration

The TM-M series are powered by a DC 20-60V supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV's and mobile vehicles. By utilising the “TM Landmark”, the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly.